Sterling Just
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"Distilled" (2019)

Distilled is a photo series influenced by the distilled elements of film photography.

"Mayhem" (2019)

Mayhem is a narrative photo series based on the movie and novel "Fight Club".

"The Grand Tour" (2018)

The Grand Tour is a collection of photographs and scanned objects from travels in India and Europe. I scanned mementos like postcards, maps, and ticket stubs to preserve their material sense of character, and have paired them with images taken where I acquired them. Arranged as such, this project represents the organized chaos of our travels and memories. The goal of the series is to emulate the sense of sentimentality that our minds ascribe to objects in an effort to preserve the memories associated with them. Often labeled as "trash", our mementos serve to remind us of experiences as our memories fade. The images are arranged as pages in a book, the first image being the left page, the second the right, and so on...